The New York Times Predicts American Wildcatter Redux

The New York Times Predicts American Wildcatter Redux

“The New York Times (Finally) Discovers the Shale Age.” That was the headline in the EnerGeoPolotics website.

Indeed, the article linked to a Times article entitled, “New Fields May Propel Americas to the Top of Oil Companies Lists.”

Simon Romero’s September 18, 2011, article (print version Sept. 20) was optimistic about increased oil and gas available to both North and South American Countries. The article suggested that the Americas may return to the role of energy exporter, which was the state of things until the 1960s.

What is more amazing about the article is that it comes from The New York Times, the premier bastion of politically correct peak oil, diminishing expectations, and alternative energy, while at the same time being a careful conservative paper that would not herald a trend unless the evidence were conclusive. The gray lady almost diffidently described an energy production revolution that may delay alternative energies for a decade … or much longer.

The New York Times article made a couple off-hand remarks regarding environmental concerns over “fracking,” referring to hydraulic fracturing, especially of shale, which until recently had held its oil and natural gas too tightly for practical mining of its bounty.

The Times article was more forthcoming about Brazil’s ambitious pursuit of deepwater deposits. At the same time, it noted that the United States may pass Brazil as an ethanol exporter.

The New York Times said it, so it must be so. In several unexpected ways, the energy revolution is coming to the Americas.


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