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Adjusting Window Tints to Let Light Pass … or Not

  You don’t need to pull down the shades with a new type of window called electrodynamic windows or electrochromic windows.   A slight electric current can change the glass from fully transparent to nontransparent.   That means that a picture window might keep light outside on a hot day, especially if none of the occupants were home during the day.   Conversely, the window could be made transparent for letting heat radiate out if the outdoors cooled enough at night … or simply to get a view.   The windows would work the opposite way to allow winter sunlight to warm the inside via transparent windows. These windows could reduce energy requirements for heating and cooling by about 10%.   That's more than $19 billion less in utility bills.   As such, they could be a major addition to the effects of increased insulation and installation of photovoltaic panels.   However, they are now considered “premium glass,” meaning that they are at the high end of affordability.   Will produc