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Hybrid Solar Thermal and Gas--About Time

Hybrid Solar Thermal and Gas--About Time A recent short article described a great idea--using solar as the daytime heat for a natural gas power plant.  The impetus is the old alternative-energy maxim:  "He who cannot store, has no solar after four!"  At the same time, natural gas is still expensive (although drifting down in price).  A practical solution is a common boiler that can receive heat from either a solar array or natural gas burners.  A part of the article is below, and the URL is at the bottom. Hybrid Solar Power Plant Offers New Model for Traditional Electricity Production Solar Feeds News and Commentary Friday, 05 March 2010 By the end of this year, the world’s second-largest solar power plant will be unveiled in what were once Floridian swamplands, 500 acres north of West Palm Beach. According to the New York Times, 190,000 mirrors and thousands of steel pylons will compose the striking display in Indiantown, Florida, a glimmering ode to th